Support call centre procedures

To log a call (issue)

Ring the Support Call Centre on 0861 07 7766.

When you have logged your call, you will get a log reference number, either by email or over the phone. A support consultant will then ring you back.

  • All support requests must be sent to the Support Call Centre and not any other Integrity office.
  • You must quote your call reference number in any communication with the call centre about that call.


How we deal with your support calls

The support consultant will deal with your call by phone and, where available, by modem. If they cannot resolve your issue, they may ask you to fax more information to us or send a backup copy of your data for investigation. We will contact you regularly to update you on progress.


Programming issues

If you have a programming issue, you’ll need a programmer’s help. The support consultant dealing with your call will pass this on to the Development Director and keep you up to date with progress.

If you need a program fix, the fix goes to the support consultant dealing with your issue, where it is tested. When the fix is successful, we will send it to you by media release, ie, CD/FTP site, with a media release form.

Once the program fix has been loaded, please complete the bottom of the media release form and return it with the media to the Support Call Centre at Integrity Software, P O Box 5664, Rivonia, 2128.

Escalation procedure

We feel that clear communication with our clients is important. If there is a major issue with Integrity services, we use an escalation procedure.

This procedure can be triggered either by a member of staff at Integrity or by yourself. You should follow this if you feel unhappy about any service issue with Integrity, for any reason.

  1. Either:
    call the Integrity Support Call Centre on 0861 07 7766, or
    fax us on 011 706 3995 and address the issue to Lucy Wilkinson, PS Director.
  2. We will contact you to discuss the situation and find a way to resolve the issue quickly.
  3. The consultant who deals with your issue will call you regularly to check that you are happy with the progress. This will continue until we have resolved the issue.


To make an official complaint

Send a fax detailing your issue to the Integrity Support Call Centre on 011 706 3995
Phone 0861 07 7766 to make a verbal complaint. The administrator will be happy to take down the details for you and pass the information on to the MD.

We take care to prevent recurring issues

If we receive a complaint, we follow the escalation procedure above, and we record your issue on our database. The PS Director ensures not only that we resolve the issue, but that we also prevent future issues of this nature by making any necessary changes to the way we do things.

BEE Certification

We are proud to hold a level 2 B-BBEE status.

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Contact Integrity Software for sales, support or consulting services

National Support – 0861 07 7766


Office: 313 Rivonia Road, 2nd Floor, Morningside
Postal: PO Box 5664, Rivonia, 2128
Phone: 0861 07 7766
Fax: +27 11 706 3995
GPS Coordinates: -26.048146, 28.065261

Support Fax – 011 706 3985

Western Cape

Office: Ground Floor, North Building, Unit 4, Tannery Park, 23 Belmont Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town
Phone: 0861 07 7766
Fax: +27 21 434 4877
GPS Coordinates: -33.9456167, 18.4732579