Afrocon Construction uses Integrity Payroll because of its flexibility.

We are a construction company based in New Germany, Pinetown and have been a long-standing client of Integrity Software. We migrated to the Integrity Windows-based Payroll system about 2 years ago. The system has flexibility in terms of allocating employee hours to jobs, giving accurate costs to the ledger.

The reporting tool is fast and effective, allowing us to pull extensive reports without the need for extra consulting costs.

The telephonic, as well as the chargeable on-site support we receive from Integrity is excellent and affordable. Integrity is a company that is always evaluating our needs as a customer. They are very active in understanding our business processes, ensuring that the product we are running is in line with our needs.

I would recommend the Integrity Payroll system to any construction company.

Yours faithfully

D V Gray