Switching to Integrity Retail was the best IT move we made.

The help desk consultants give support where needed and are always available.

In November 2009, we experienced problems with the POS system that we were using in our satellite stores. A call was made to Integrity, and by the end of the month Integrity Retail had been implemented and was up and running at Head Office, as well as our 9 satellite stores. Since then, we have added an additional 3 stores, with minimal interruption to our customers.

The simplicity of the system made training easy and, within an hour or two, new staff members were processing transactions.

Integrity Retail has amazing reporting functions with the ability to receive information in many varied formats. Although Integrity Retail is not a financial system, the interface capability makes it possible to export all relevant information with the press of a button.

Kind regards

Elaine Johnston

Retail Operations Manager