We have finally moved over to Integrity, having moved to Harare. The wait - purely on our side - has been worth it - only sorry we did not do it 2 years ago…

As I am sure you are aware, Leon flew up from Cape Town to down our installation and we were honoured to have him install our site. He is a true asset to your company and software. He certainly knows the system and gave both myself and all the staff he dealt with absolute confidence in the system. There was no real training required for the staff, but he imported all info he was given and set up the store as we liked. The users were challenging him to try and corner him with something he could not attend to – they failed; not him.. This has given me even more confidence in the system, as they have tried and tested it and have given up trying to break it.

Leon was extremely polite to the whole spectrum of our workforce, and they all loved having him here. The installation would not have been as smooth if I had just got Zeb to install, and I am very happy I paid for someone to come up - I am even happier I got Leon.

The service I have had from Integrity to date has been nothing short of 100%.

It’s a far cry from the service I had when trying to install Pastel Evolution. We have definitely come out the winners by tossing Pastel and going with you.

I would not hesitate in recommending this system to anyone, and I would highly recommend Leon - that is without a doubt. Please feel free to use this letter as a reference, or give my telephone number to anyone who wants a reference on the system. It is only day 2 but I am sure the system is up and running and that, with the support I have seen, any hitches we have – which is totally understandable – over the next few weeks will be addressed promptly.

Thank you to you and the team


Mitch Stambolie


F Neill and Sons

Tel +263 478 1924
Cell +263 772 604 225