We would unequivocally and without hesitation, recommend Integrity SA's Integrity Retail point of sale software for any SME in the retail sector.

Not only is the system user friendly and easy to learn for those not computer literate, it has a plethora of reports which are simple to run and which give up to date data on stock, sales, on order position, etc. on a number of levels, which enables one to make informed decisions quickly.

Over and above the system itself, we have found Integrity SA and their MD, Greg Gerasimo, to be ethical and transparent in all their dealings with us.

They have taken the concept of a service provider partner to a level where they always exceed our expectations.

Their response to any problems which arise is always helpful and innovative and solutions are speedily forthcoming. They are always prepared to go the extra mile for us.
We are currently a 70 store business, and growing. We believe that Integrity Retail will more than handle our requirements going forward.


Geoff Waldbaum

Special Projects Executive