Towards the end of last year, I approached Integrity Software for a solution to provide BI reports that were more responsive.

These business intelligence (BI) reports had to be easier to use and generate more information than the present suite of standard reports within the ERP software.

You introduced us to your BI service provider, Data Assist, who in accordance with our specifications provided my organisation with the suite of BI reports as required. Due to our lack of experience, Data Assist were more than tolerant in exacting our needs and bent over backwards to ultimately provide the reports we need. Although the project took longer than anticipated, the final product exceeded our expectations and, as such, was worth the wait.

I now have a cluster of BI reports that I can generate at a moment’s notice.

These reports provide me with instant dashboard reports to facilitate the effective management of this business. These reports previously would take many man hours to generate, so I have further enhanced my efficiency in the work place. So my thanks go to Integrity and their BI partner, Data Assist, in delivering against the project, through which I am all the better empowered to drive my business into the future.


Clive Heydenrych

Managing Director